christine's comics

you can learn everything you need to know about a person by exploring her home. my friend shannon shared this theory with me when we were in college. so, home meant dorm. i have a hunch that her assumption was especially untrue in that environment. nonetheless, i liked the idea. the gem of truth was that people's interests were on display but people's secrets were hidden.

i was snoopy at the time. i made that known so that no pal could blame me when they found me in their closet rifling through old photographs. it was fun. i liked sneaking around and, when a friend forgave me, it always got a good conversation going.

i became less nosey over time. (i stumbled into too many journals. even i knew that those were off-limits but i usually mistook them for sketchbooks. honestly.) now, i enjoy the slower reveal of actually getting to know someone: getting a tour of the place, starting with the rooms and decor, leading over time to the box in the closet, never ending but ripening, hopefully, into free rein of the attic and basement.

the bookshelf is the only place that i still snoop. are there any subjects or authors that i like? are there any surprises? when i first met my wife, i was delighted that she had some of my favorite comics books shelved next to novels i had never read.

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